Our vision is to help spread awareness about sustainable matters and to share our passion with innovative people. Let's tell your story together.

Woosh Studio is created around the idea of sustainability. Our vision is to share your story and capture the very essence of your most important moments together. Our focus is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. Woosh Studio is founded by creatives Brian Christie and Tobias Glud, both vegans, living in Copenhagen. We believe a job should be fair for both parts and we put a lot of effort into creating a calm, fun and relaxed work environment.

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– Photography

We specialize in wedding, portraiture, food & beverage, and product photography, but these do not define our limits. Experience brings quality and attention to detail. After over a decade of professional work, that’s exactly what we apply to every case.

– Videography

Videos are living images. Events, stories, and scenes captured on camera. This is a passion of ours that brings life to your brand, SoMe, or future campaigns. Through video the limit of expression is endless and the dynamics are captivating.

– Art direction

We are here to help you create concepts and ideas that will visualize your message. We have specialized in storytelling and we believe that all ideas can be told in a way that captures the very essence of your final project.

Brian Christie

CEO - Woosh Studio

Brian is an educated photographer from Santa Cruz
California. He has been working professionally with photography, graphic design, and art direction for over a decade. He has transferred his whole life from the states to live his life with his fiancé in Copenhagen. Brian is a dreamer, he loves exploring the world and never goes anywhere without his camera.

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Tobias Glud

Freelancer - Woosh Studio

Tobias was educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, where he has majored in visual communication with and emphasis on photography, graphic design & art direction. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Tobias appreciates the urban vibe and style. Although, it is in nature where he finds great inspiration, peace, and energy to recharge.

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